Past Exhibits

Transcona: The Surest Thing
May 2015-February 2016

When Transcona was founded in the early 1900s, nobody was from Transcona - everyone was born somewhere else. This year's exhibit takes a look at the growth of Transcona from a tiny hamlet that had more dogs than people in 1910 to a bustling town filled with people from all over the world.  Other exhibits included Transportation in TransconaCabinet of Curiosity, and Old Toys.

Park City Life
May 2014-April 2015

This exhibit showed us what life was like in Transcona between 1961, when it became a city, and 1972, when it became a part of Winnipeg. Other exhibits included Transcona Remembers: 100th Anniversary of WWI and 70th Anniversary of D-Day and The Quelch Collection.

Love Letters to Transcona
March 2013-April 2014

This exhibit highlighted Transcona's unique history through the eyes of the members of its community, past and present.  Other exhibits this year included Work-Life-Play: CN Transcona Shops, Celebrating 100 Years, Transcona Remembers, and Community Atheletes. The expanded KidZone had new toys and games, including Wii Sports!

THREADS: Highlights of the THM Textile Collection
February 2011-March 2012

This exhibit featured some of the Transcona's wonderful textiles in, THREADS: Highlights of the THM Textile Collection.  Some of the odd and weird things hiding in the museum collection were found in our Cabinet of Curiosity exhibit as well as Exploring the Past Beneath our Feet.  New to the exhibit this year was also the Transcona Board of Trade 100th Anniversary, Transcona Remembers: War Souvenirs and Fact or Fib?  We also have our newly expanded Kid's Zone and Imagination Station for children of all ages.

Women's Uniform Hats, Hats, Hats Clansmen Jersey





Wanted! Your Questions Answered
March 2010-February 2011

This exhibit features information from research requests that the Museum has received from the public.  See what other people have wanted to know about Transcona in our Wanted: Your Questions Answered, Art or Artifact?, What is that?, and Anatomy of a Medal displays.  Our newly expanded Kid's Zone makes sure there is fun for everyone.

Did You Know? The Transcona Connection
March 2009–February 2010

The community of Transcona is shaped by the people who have lived and worked here, the places within the community and the historical events that have taken place. In almost 100 years Transcona already has an interesting past. The current Exhibit entitled Did You Know? The Transcona Connection looks at history of the community and the people, places and events that have shaped us. Some of the featured "Did You Knows?" you might be familiar with, others may be new to you. So come on in for a visit and test your knowledge about Transcona!

New Donations to the THM

Premiere of recent acquisitions of the THM collection. View these latest items, which are a part of the heritage of Transcona.

Women & Wartime: The Transcona Experience

The experiences & contributions of Canadian women during periods of wartime, expressly the women of Transcona, are highlighted. Join us in remembrance.

What is that? - Interesting Artifacts at the THM

Bygone era objects, which were once commonplace but may now seem peculiar, are on view. An opportunity for visitors to deduce for themselves what each artifact may be!

Millennium Library Exhibit September 2008-November 2008

This exhibit showcased items to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Transcona Historical Museum and the history of Transcona.

Dugald Memorial Plaque Unveiling September 1, 2007

The THM presented its traveling exhibit "The Dugald Train Wreck" at the 60th anniversary of the wreck at the memorial plaque unveiling that took place in Dugald, Manitoba on September 1, 2007.

THM 40th Anniversary Exhibit

The THM's 40th anniversary exhibit ran from May 1-May 31, 2007 at City Hall in Downtown Winnipeg. A highlight of that exhibit was the opening of the exhibit by Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz and former Transcona mayor Mr. Paul Martin.

"Spirit of Transcona"

May 2007-December 2008

This exhibit examined how the community of Transcona grew into what it is today by looking at the factors of its growth and community spirit.

The Greatest Transconian

In 2005 the THM ran a contest similar to the "Greatest Canadian" but looking for the Greatest Transconian. The contest was a huge success with over 100 nominees and votes coming in from across the globe. The museum then narrowed the field down to a Top Ten which the public then had to vote for. The museum then featured an exhibit with the same title exhibiting material and information about the winner Mr. Paul Martin and the other top ten nominees.

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